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Flowers on Mars is a journey in which imagination and knowledge fuse together to retrieve the lost sense of wonder in a disenchanted world. It provides a new way of thinking in a society that knows all the details, but forgot the big picture and what it’s all about... love.


Silvia grew up climbing the Italian Alps. She studied philosophy and she's currently a PhD student in Classics at Boston University. She is a former teacher and author. 


Adrienne grew up hiking the Swiss Alps. She studied biomedicine and is currently a postdoctoral scientist at MIT. She is a photographer and enthusiastic swim teacher.

Last year, on a shiny and uncommonly warm November day, we randomly met at a cozy coffee place in Cambridge. That day we discussed ancient mythology and RNA, and discovered that our areas of knowledge have more in common than we first anticipated. We realized that this society of hyper-specialization, in which subjects are taught strictly separated from one another, and in which single bubbles of expertises are getting smaller and smaller, we risk failing to see the big picture. Even if specialization is necessary, at the same time it is weakening our capability to perceive the world as a playground of connections, in which everything resonates in everything else, like in a mysterious, unified symphony. 


Flowers on Mars is a project that will walk you through the infinite and sometimes invisible associations of the web of knowledge. Flowers on Mars is a new way of teaching, and at the same time a very ancient one: a gaze that sees the world as one beautiful mystery. Just as our ancestors perceived the world, when they started sailing, looking at the stars and inventing chants and dances, in search of meaning.

So buckle up, because once you start to see the right connections, a single little flower can take you to Mars in the blink of an eye!


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